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Gyeon MOHS+ & Duraflex Quartz Ceramic Protection Coatings

CleanDetail are an Authorised Gyeon Detailer which means we have been tested, trained and approved to use their coatings and warrant them where possible. Gyeon coatings are not like your typical protection coatings like Autoglym Lifeshine, Supaguard, Pure Guard and much more. This is because these coatings are polymer/nano based and don’t make the same chemical bond to surfaces which Gyeon does.

About Gyeon


Gyeon is a Hong King based manufacturer of the state of the art, Silica Quartz coatings and surface car care products that shows just exactly why low volatile Slincon (Si) technology offers the future in well protected, candy gloss ultra durable paint protection systems. Offering all around exterior protection inc wheels, plastics, paintwork and wheels.

Gyeon MOHS+ & Duraflex Paint Protection Coating

MOHS+ & Duraflex are a Quartz based Silica ceramic coating which delivers ultra durable, candy like gloss protection to the painted surfaces of your vehicle. MOHS+ & Duraflex delivers scratch resistant properties adding a hardness of 9H to your vehicles paint helping to prevent scratch’s, stone chips and normal marks from washing and daily usage.

As well as adding the bonus of protection, Gyeon MOHS+ is ultra hydrophobic which means contaminated and grime simply cannot stick to the vehicles protected surfaces and thus making the coatings self cleaning properties very very good.

Gyeon MOHS+ works by chemically bonding to the vehicles surfaces and effectively attaching its self to the paint. Traditional coatings merely sit on top of the paint and protect like so. This means wax’s, polymer & nano sealants don’t offer the same chemical resistance and thus protection of Gyeon. Gyeon MOHS+ is chemical resistant from PH2 – PH13 making it one of (if not the most) chemical resistant coating on the market today.

CleanDetail Gyeon Packages & Prices

All our Gyeon MOHS+ & Duraflex Packages offer the minimum of the following: Full Hot decontamination wash, full clay bar, minimum 1 stage machine polish, coating applied to wheel faces, plastic trim, glass, tyres & all exterior painted surfaces.

Gyeon MOHS+ or Duraflex Detail

Once you have chosen your correct level of prep, you can choose from either Gyeon MOHS+ or Gyeon Duraflex. Both are a complex 2 stage ceramic system with 5 years warranty to back up our application.

Prices from £245+ VAT as a bolt on.

Previously Protected Vehicles.