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Paint Protection Film Yorkshire

IMG_2204CleanDetail offer Paint Protection Film application from our Yorkshire Based Studio in Doncaster or mobile services if carried out at a dealership. We can apply the thin, self healing, transparent plastic coating to your vehicle to ensure stone chips and scratches are a thing of the past, ensuring your vehicles factory finish is protected in the best way while you enjoy your vehicle with a Peace of mind.

Paint Protection Film Yorkshire. Paint Protection Application Yorkshire. Xpel Paint Protection Yorkshire.

What is Paint Protection Film (PPF)?

img_2889Paint protection film is a thin clear plastic film which can be applied to all areas of your vehicle to ensure no stone chips, scratch’s and swirl marks are impregnated into your vehicles paint surface. Furthermore, CleanDetail use Xpel’s a self healing film which means literally, no marks. The film is applied to the vehicle once happy with the finish and becomes near invisible. We recommend one of our detailing services prior to application to get the best finish achievable.

CleanDetail use XPEL’s Ultimate Paint Protection Film which offers amazing durability and crystal clear clarity to ensure a factory finish style of look, with above and beyond protection levels. With its very low surface energy XPEL Ultimate sheds contaminates that would otherwise mark, stain or yellow more conventional films found on the market. Whats more, the clear coat employs futuristic characteristics that “heal” over a short space of time ensuring swirl marks and other fine scratches are a thing of the past.

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CleanDetail are fully training by XPEL UK so you have peace of mind we know what we’re going, furthermore because we have a small team we are able to carry out large jobs in small amounts of time, saving you both time and money.

All our work is carried out in house, We have our very own Graphtec 64″ plotter and Xpel’s pattern software which means we can ensure the up most accuracy with any panel’s out as required on-site meaning we can adjust them to the customers requirements.

Paint Protection Film in Action


aint Protection Film Yorkshire. Paint Protection Film Application. Paint Protection Film. Xpel Paint Protection Film Yorkshire.

Our promise

We offer a competitive 10 year warranty on our paint protection film Yorkshire applications as well as the standard 10 year manufacturer warranty on the product as well. This covers yellowing, cracking, peeking, staining and hazing. We and the manufacturer would also cover product and labor in the unlikely event of failure.

We Are Xpel Factory Trained and Approved, Offering a 10 Year Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Xpel Film heal its self?

Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film Yorkshire uses a special Polymer based clear coat that flows even throughout. This allows the clear coat to find its natural level again after being disturbed one the surface, giving it its self-healing properties. 

How long does the clear coat last?

Indefinitely. Although aftercare is paramount as some chemicals could change the way the clearcoat works. Correct washing & waxing will ensure the life of the XPEL film.



Thanks to the innovate technology we use and operate here at CleanDetail, we are able to edit & design panels as well as select anything else to add to your package. Here are some of the packages we offer which are most popular.


Bumper Onlybumperonly

Due to customers wants and the different shapes of some vehicles, we can offer just single parts. Front bumper is our most popular single part.

Prices From £350 + VAT

Standard Front End

The most cost effective package we offer is the partial front end. As identified with the image, this covers full front bumper, part wings and bonnet only.

Prices from £595 + VAT

Full Front end

This package offers amazing protection for daily or weekend used vehicles. This package covers full front bumper, full front wings, full bonnet & wing mirrors.

Prices from £1412.50 + VAT 

Full Vehicle Coverage

This package is ideal for anyone really wanting peice of mind protection for there vehicle. This covers every aspect of the vehicle (where designs are available)

Prices from £3295 + VAT

Custom Vehicle Coverage

We also know our customers have specific needs and something off the shelve is not always idea. This is why we also offer custom parts or vehicle coverage, meaning you only pay for what you really need. For example, front bumper & side skirt coverage.

Prices from £295 + VAT

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