Motorbike Paint Protection Film

Motorbike Paint Protection Film Yorkshire

2018 Kawasaki Ninja After Film & Detailing

Here at CleanDetail we specialise in protection systems for vehicles & motorbikes. We have access to a catalogue of templates which enable us to film paint protection film to your motorbike & where we dont have the designs, we can make them specific for your requirement.

Our Paint Protection Film is self healing and at least guarantied for 10 years or a lifetime of ownership (depending on film used).

What is Paint Protection Film (PPF)?

Motorbike Paint protection film is a thin clear plastic film which can be specifically applied to areas of your motorbike in both a gloss or matte finish. Once applied, this sacrificial layer stops stone chips, scratches and self heals against washing swirl marks which would normally damage your motorbikes surfaces.

Once applied to your motorbike, the motorbike paint protection film is near invisible where possible, meaning you don’t even know its there but yet it allows you to enjoy your motorbike without the worry of day to day surface damage.

CleanDetail use Premium Sheild & XPEL’s Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film which offers (dependant on designs available for your motorbike) amazing durability and crystal clear clarity to ensure a factory finish style of look, with above and beyond protection levels.

All our work is carried out in house, We have our very own Graphtec 64″ plotter and a massive catalogue of digital patterns which means we can ensure the up most accuracy with any panel’s out as required on-site meaning we can adjust them to the customers requirements.

Motorbike PPF Pricing

Here at CleanDetail we know its all about prep. That’s why, any gloss painted surfaces receiving paint film will be fully machine polished prior to any film being applied. This is to get the optimum clarity from the film.

Film Coverage & Prices

Fully Fitted Tank Kit (tank section to protect from rider): From £65+ VAT

Fully Fitted Kit (full bike coverage where designs allow): From £399+ VAT

Custom Fitment (single parts such as Headlight, Forks, or side fairing) from £40+ VAT

Dont forget we also offer motorbike detailing which would complement the finish on areas not protected by paint protection film, or even additional protection to the films surface

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