After Care & Advice Centre

Welcome to the CleanDetail aftercare & advice centre for customers looking to maintain the finish we’ve achieved on your vehicle. We know its important to use the correct methods, tools & techniques and for that reason we’ve put together a simple how-to, to ensure you get the most from your finish.

Simply choose the section relevant to you & the rest is easy!

Vehicle Treated to Gyeon Coatings

If your vehicle has been treated to any of the Gyeon coatings (MOHS+, durabead or CanCoat) Then this is the aftercare section for you!

Vehicle Treated to Wax Based Finish

If your vehicle has been treated to on of our selection of high quality waxes, then this is the after care section for you!

Vehicle With Paint Protection Film Applied

If your vehicle has any sort of Paint Protection Film Applied, Here is a specific section to allow you to maintain and take care of your film.

If you need any Specific Advice, Please Call us on 01302 354798

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