Choosing a Shampoo

Choosing your Car Shampoo

Although most of the time choosing a car shampoo would be looked at as easy stuff. Well, with these important choosing a shampoo advice factors its going to be even easier.

Most people think all car shampoos are the same, this is infact wrong. There are many factors which make a choosing a shampoo easy or hard. Here are the factors you want to be looking for

  • Dilution ratio
  • PH level
  • Protection application

With these simple points its easy to see if you get it right or wrong. Choosing a shampoo made easy!

Dilution Ratio

Simple, the better the dilution ratio the more cost effect it is. Dont get stuck looking at how many letres you buy, look at how many letres it will make!

For instance, Supermarket shampoos are around £2.50 for 1L. Sounds amazing! But, the dilution ratio is around 10:1. CleanDetail shampoo for example is £12.95 for 400ml, sounds expensive right? WRONG. CleanDetails shampoo is 2000:1 which means it makes around 800,000L of shampoo water for your bucket and your cheap Supermarket brand only makes 10,000L so to put it into perspective, your 1L at £2.50 worth of shampoo will need to be bought 80 times to make the same about of shampoo which is in our 400ml bottle which would cost £200!! Meaning you save £187.05

This of course can be translated into any shampoo, DoDo Juice make a Shampoo which is 1500:1 although its what most people would consider expensive. When you look at the bigger picture its actually cheaper than you think.

PH Level

PH level is important as this tells you if the shampoo will strip or attack any previous wax or sealants applied to your vehicle. Most cheaper shampoos help clean by been an alkaline which is great for a clean car, not so great for your vehicles surfaces when protecting against the daily environment its exposed to.

The simple key is PH Neutral. Any good shampoo which works with your cars current surfaces are PN Neutral. Simple.

Protection Application

Some shampoos add a layer of protection while you wash. Simular to the traditional Wash & Wax. Personally were not fond of Wash & Wax’s is its normally a cheaper wax which clogs and previous applications of more expensive wax’s and actually helps dull plastics etc.

Todays more modern protection are nano based, for example Autobrite Directs Nano Protection shampoo. Ideal for any car but adds a layer of protection as well. Prefect for people with less time on their hands.

Choosing a Shampoo

Hopefully after readying this advice you can see choosing a shampoo for your vehicle, motorhome, Caravan, Plane or boat is actually easy when you know what to look for. Choosing a shampoo made easy!