Frequently asked Questions

Here at CleanDetail we come across a large number of questions. So we have put together some answers to questions we get asked the most. If your question is not answered, please give us a call! We’re always happy to help.

What Insurance Do You Have?

We are fully insured by the AXA Insurance to drive, work on & store your vehicle. This is fully comprehensive and our policy is on display in our detailing studio for customers to inspect. This also covers liability insurance among a number of other covers we have.

What Products Do You Use?

We use a mix of products we believe give the best outcome. We use testing & results to ensure we have chosen the correct products. Some for example are Swissvax, Zaino, CarPro, Gyeon, Meguiars, Autoglym & Autosmart to name but a few.

How Can We Pay?

We accept all major credit and debit cards, we can do this over the phone for deposits and Chip & Pin for face to face sales. We also offer BACS payments and cheques. All cheques will encounter a £10 admin fee. We also offer invoice payments for large companies once they have spent over £1000 with us. And of course, we accept cash.

What Is Detailing?

Detailing in our words is the service of a thorough clean, de-contamination, enhancement & protection of surfaces of a vehicle and or aircraft. This includes interior & exterior surfaces. Using high quality state of the art premises, equipment & experience in order to offer a level of finish which your “normal” car care service could not get close. This means permanently removing imperfections & blemishes and providing a permanent solution to the up-keep and appearance of a vehicle or aircraft.

Why Are You Backed By Manufacturers? 

The answer is simple, manufacturers have inspected our work, premises, insurance and experience of what we have to offer. They are 100% certain we offer above and beyond what we state and deliver the “ultimate” in car care and the experience you get from it. We are approved by Swissvax, CarPro, Gyeon, Gen-3 Glasscoat & Maxolen to name but a few, all of which believe we give what we say we do. This therefore means our customers are protected as we’re inspected & tested so we always offer the same level of treatments, so if your next detailer is not approved by many manufacturers, there is a good chance they have not been inspected to the level we have.

What’s Caused The Marks In My Paint?

The main reason is incorrect washing, in the form of techniques & wash media, however, sometimes you can get imperfections from bodyshops, bird lime, environmental fall out and much more. We are always happy to inspect your vehicle FREE of charge to ensure you know exactly what caused the issues.