Our Facilities & Virtual tour

Our Facilities

Here at CleanDetail we believe that you can’t clean a car in a dusty old unit or drive way.  Don’t get us wrong, you can go so far, however for the standard we aim to deliver you, we literally must have the “best” studio to work in to be able to accomplish the results we strive for.
We have one of Europe’s best and most complex detailing studios.  Designed with a wide range of features from over 4,000 watts of varied lighting circling a 3 tonne ramp to professionally installed heating and air conditioning, which work together to deliver, in our opinion, the best environment possible resulting in the optimum finish to your vehicle.


Studio Features & Facilities

  • Brand New Detailing Studio
  • 4000Watts Amongst An Array Of Lighting
  • 3 Tonne Vehicle Lift
  • Comfortable Waiting Room
  • Porcelain Tiled Floor
  • Disabled Access
  • Live Detailing Web Stream
  • Fully Temperature Controlled Environment (Heated & Cooled)
  • Sky TV

We know when working on prestige & rare motor vehicles, security is paramount. That’s why we have one of the most secure detailing studios in the uk. Situated in a 5 metre high, infrared protected courtyard with dual locking security controlled gates. We have 24 hour monitored CCTV both inside & outside the studio, directly linked to both our security company and ourselves, where ever we are in the world. To back all that up, our studio is secured behind brand new state of the art doors protected by shutters & a 24 hour monitored security system.

As well as protected against intruders, we have a fully fitted fire detection system, with fire measures built into the studios build to ensure, if the worst was to happen, fire could not spread from one unit to another, something older units simply don’t have. And for peace of mind, we’re covered to store, work on & drive all vehicles.

We also offer mobile services using our new VW Caddy which allows us to be able to offer services literally anywhere. We are able to pack in everything we should need, inc water and power (power when requested) to be able to carry out our services.


  • 2016 Vw Caddy
  • 210L Pure Filtered (De-Ionised, non-streaking) Water System
  • 4000w 240v Power Supply
  • Fully Mobile Detailing & Valeting Service
  • Fully Equipped