McLaren SLR Detail

McLaren SLR

We were asked to detail and pay special attention to this fine McLaren SLR which had been wrapped in white. The main attention and man hours was on the wheels and interior, Giving the leather a deep clean and each wheel a hand polish & protection while removed from the vehicle.

The McLaren was first given our 42 stage wash process including our PH Neutral Snowfoam treatment.


Once inside each wheel was removed, de-contaminated then hot air blow dried before been hand polished using the Britemax twins. Each wheel is made from Platinum with a nice value of over £5000 each so it was upto us to give them the shine and protection they deserve.



While the wheels were off, each wheel arch was steam cleaned, including the callipers then protected. Each calliper was hand polished and protected with Chemical Guys Jetseal.



Each exhaust tip was again hand polished to remove the carbon deposits. Here you can see a nice 50/50 of this process.


Inside was also given some more treatments, including deep-cleaning the leather. Below is a fine example of how clean we can actually get your leather, even if it looked clean already!


The wrap was treated to a hand polish with Britemax AIO as request of the customer. Tyres dressed and now ready for handover.