Range Rover Evoque (14 Plate)

Here is the 14 plate Range Rover Evoque we had in for a Gyeon Quartz Protection Detail.

First its down to getting the car clean, de-contaminated and clay bar’d before it was brought inside. All this of course is not carried out as standard by a dealer, show for its, its priority to pre-pair right to get the end result.

Once inside and ready for its inspection, It was obvious there was a few marks, inflicted by bad washing previously and some buffer trails from the dealer and/or factory.

Below is a before (right) and an after (left) of how the panel looked before we started, and after we had machined the defects out of the paint, prior to the protection stage.

This was carried out on the whole vehicle before application of Gyeon MOHS+ Coatings.

Once happy, the vehicles paint was coated with Gyeon MOHS+, Glass with View, Wheels with Rim, Plastics with Trim and tyres with Tyre all in order to protect each surface to the highest of standards.

Here is the depth and defect free reflection after the treatment.

And here is the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque after its 2 day treatments






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