Terms & Conditions

We as a business have terms and conditions. Please read these carefully as by using our website & services you agree to these terms & conditions.

Reliance On Information Posted & Disclaimer

The materials contained on our site are provided for general information purposes only and do not claim to be or constitute legal or other professional advice and shall not be relied upon as such.

We do not accept any responsibility for any loss which may arise from accessing or reliance on the information on this site and to the fullest extent permitted by English law, we exclude all liability for loss or damages direct or indirect arising from use of this site.

Our Services & Listings

Our services & descriptions can change at any point. We therefore cannot be held responsible if you are not happy as you will be requested to ensure all the services being carried out are to your satisfaction. This will be completed in our consultation form.

Deposits, cancellations & Re-bookings

Deposits – We take non refundable deposits to the sum of £50 or up to 50% of the cost of the agree’d service. This will not be refunded if you Cancel or Re-book your service unless stated below.

Cancellations – If you cancel less than 3 working days before your treatment, we will not refund your deposit. If you cancel 3 working days or more, but do not re-book, we will again not refund your deposit.

Re-bookings – We will hold your deposit if you re-book, but if you do so less than 3 working days before your treatments your deposit will be lost and you will be required to pay another deposit once you arrive for your detail. We reserve the right to refund or keep your deposit dependant on circumstances. If you re-book your vehicle over 1 Month in advance to the original booking we will only uphold 25% of your deposit to the value of the final cost.

Payments, invoicing & late payment terms

Payments – We accept payment in the form of Card via chip & pin or over the phone. Bank transfers if requested which must be complete and in our account 48H after treatments. Cash which will be checked. Cheques will be charged a further £10 to cover our admin & Bank Fee’.

Invoicing – We will invoice in a Pro-Forma Form by any one person or company has spent over £1000 with us, although we reserve the right to give anyone a Credit Account with us. Invoices on a credit basis must be paid either on a 14 day basis or 28 day basis ONLY. Such terms will be detailed on your invoice.

Late Payments – Late Payments will receive a charge. Our charges are per week late and will be added on top of the last charge. Payments 1 week late will receive a 35% total increase of the original invoice. Any further weeks will be increased by a further 39% per week. Payments over 1 Month Late will be dealt with by a debt collection agency whose costs will be added to the invoice.

Release – We will hold any vehicle, Motorhome, Caravan or Aircraft  until payment of services has been paid. If you pay by cheque this means payment has cleared before the vehicle or aircraft can be released back to the customer. We reserve the right to do this to all customers where we feel necessary to secure total costs are recovered. Please note, if you do not agree with this term, we cannot offer you our services.

Fuel Costs – We reserve the right to charge fuel costs for any jobs, collection or delivery of vehicles whether mobile or studio based. If we are required to fuel a customer’s vehicle, we will charge fuel costs and £10 admin fee.

Durability & Warranty Statements – Any claims of durability lifespan, warranty or otherwise stated is from the manufacturer. CleanDetail offer no warranty bar Painting Services. Any claims of a product are with the manufacture and not us, although we will try our best to help in this case. This also includes product failure.

Copyright, Passing off, Trade Marks & Domains

Trade Marks – CleanDetail is a Trade Mark of CleanDetail LTD, CleanDetail Sole Trader. Our trade mark is also “Nano Boost” in a product form. CleanDetail are not a franchise and no other company, in the UK, Europe or elsewhere are part of clean detail.

Passing Off – CleanDetail do not work with anyone to use or text or images. Anyone doing so will be classed as trying to “pass off” our work. This also includes using the word “cleandetail” in the content that relates to our service or a detailing service.