Surface & Paint Protection

CleanDetail offer a range of paint protection products to suit all clients and their needs. Our products are hand selected to suit clients individual needs and their vehicles requirements including but not limited to, high quality wax, ceramic & Nano coatings & paint protection film. Our more specialist products are “authorised only” products meaning we’ve had specific training and approval to offer these to the highest of standards as well as not being available to buy by any other unauthorised person or detailer.

Naturally when most people think about paint protection, you think of your typical dealership paint protection such as Autoglym, Lifeshine, Supaguard, PureGuard, Guard X and much more. CleanDetail offer a much more methodical & sophisticated alternative using state of the art products and technologies to achieve a much better level of protection & clarity.

CleanDetail offer wax protection as standard on each detail we undertake. We don’t believe in detailing a vehicle without giving it adequate protection . The choice of which type of paint protection you go for is entirely up to you, although we will offer guidance and assess which would be best suited to your lifestyle. Below are a number of types we offer, some with & some without a warranty.

Protection Guide

We offer a range of products and technology types. So, to give you a snap shot idea of which might benefit you and your vehicle most, here is a guide showing the important aspects of each product we offer.

ProductQuality Carnauba WaxFeynlab Ceramic LiteGyeon MOHSPLUSFeynlab Self Heal LiteFeynlab Self Heal PlusXpel Paint Film – Self Healing
Self HealingNoNoNoYes 60%Yes- 95%Yes – 90%
Durability6-12 Months18-24 Months5+ Years3 Years +7 Years +10 Years
Chemical Resistance2/55/55/55/55/54/5
Scratch Resistance 0/53/53/54/55/55/5
Chip Resistance 0/53/53/53/53/55/5
Self Cleaning Rating3/55/55/55/55/54/5
Application Time6-12 Hours2 Days +2 Days +2 Days+5 Days+1-7 Days
Price From£275£375£494£1195£1895POA

Wax Protection – upto 12 months durability

Porsche 997 Turbo Detail

Our standard protection is our wax finish because it offers the finish we believe exceeds peoples exceptions while delivering adequate levels of protection required. This is ideal for clients who like to look after their vehicle them self or are happy with the finish traditional waxes offer. Regular maintenance is key for longevity of waxes, however, we have aftercare advice and services to help you keep on top of your vehicle.

Durability as between 6-12 months.

From £250 + VAT

Upgrade to Feynlab Ceramic lite on your body work for just £99 More than a wax detail. Ask for more details

Gyeon MOHSPLUS – 5 Years Durability – Authorised Detailer Only Coating

£1.7M Ferrari Enzo With Gyeon & Xpel Film

Gyeon MOHS+ is a state of the art, Quartz based ceramic coating. It’s highly resistant to scratches & helps prevent stone chips. Gyeon also enhances gloss levels and whist delivering an amazing amount of gloss, Gyeon also protects against oils & paints! Gyeon MOHS+ is very hydrophobic, meaning it literally cleans its self, giving you even more miles without having to clean your vehicle.

For more information, videos and in depth science behind the product, please click here.

From £494 + VAT – More details can be found here.

Feynlab Self Healing Nano Coatings – 5 to 7 Years Durability – Authorised Detailer Only Coating

Feynlab Self Heal Lite Lamborghini

CleanDetail are proud to announce the new ultra hi-tech Nano Coatings from Feynlab. We are approved & trained to use both Feynlab Self Heal Lite and Feynlab Self Heal Plus.

Both coatings offer phenomenal gloss, depth, self cleaning and most impressively self healing ability from marring swirl marks and even more aggressive defects.

Self Heal Lite from £1195+ VAT

Self Heal Plus from £1895+ VAT

Prices From £1195+ More In-depth Information can be found here.

Xpel Self Healing Paint film (Gloss or Matt) – 10 Year Durability

Porsche Full Vehicle Film Wrap

We are Xpel Factory trained and approved, meaning we can apply Xpel’s clear & colour paint protection films. This stops stone chips, scratches and scuffs, meaning your paint will always look new. Whats more, the film is self healing so when left in direct sunlight or hot water is applied, the surfaces marks vanish! 

The film is cut in-house meaning we can apply with precise tested designs. We have demo vehicles if you want to see the finish for your self.

We can offer anything from full coverage, front coverage or just individual parts such as wing mirrors, luggage compartment and even the door handle areas.

For more information, videos and in depth science behind the product, please click here.

From £350 + VAT (price example of a front bumper)More details can be found here.