Vehicle Detailing Services in Yorkshire – CleanDetail

CleanDetail® offer methodical vehicle detailing from our specialist studio’s in Doncaster as well as mobile throughout Yorkshire & beyond.  CleanDetail® have a purpose designed & built detailing studio in Doncaster offering the best working conditions.  From temperature to lighting we can apply every technical aspect of our service at a meticulous level of detail and under perfect conditions. This ensures each service we offer is at the pinnacle of perfection.

We offer set “off the shelf” services, however we normally tailor our service to the needs, wants and expectations of the client. We offer an honest, down to earth service in terms of advice, as it’s more important to ensure you come back knowing your vehicle is in the hands of experts.

Vehicle Consultation

We believe in order for us to give you the best possible outcome, we require a consultation with you and your vehicle. This is a FREE service which allows us to give you an in-depth overview of your vehicles current condition and what we can do to bring back the finish it once had or you wish to maintain. This includes full digital vehicle paint depth analysis, light analysis, dent & damage repair detection as well as personal advice to what we could do & the likelihood of time & cost involved.

We understand this is not possible with every customer due to travelling & location, therefore, we will try our best to carry out a consultation over email & phone calls.

Maintenance Detailing & Aftercare

As part of our on-going aftercare we can offer maintenance services to ensure your vehicle is kept looking its best. We have 2 types which offer fantastic value for money to any customer where we’ve detailed their vehicle. Each service is then tailored to the current paint protection system already fitted to the vehicle in question.

So, if you have a Gyeon coated vehicle, we will specifically use Gyeon products which enhance, protect and maintain the coating. So Gyeon Bathe+ will be used in conjunction with Gyeon Wetcoat during the maintenance stage. similar to any wax based products used to protect your vehicle initially.

Advance booking required – call us on 01302 354798


Vehicle Paint Enhancement & Protection

Whether you are looking to protect your brand new pride and joy or rejuvenate a new to you vehicle, we have the options for you. We offer a mix of light machine polishing options, medium & heavy cutting options. As well as this we can add optional extras such as removal and deep cleaning of your alloy wheels, protection of interiors or additional ceramic & self healing coating options.

Find out more about our preparation options, coating options and what might be the best for your vehicle.