Winter Paint Protection

Why Do I Need Winter Protection?

Over the winter months the temperatures, acid raid and more to the point, road salt quickly take its time on your vehicles surfaces. Naturally we all want to keep our vehicles looking clean, but more importantly they need to be protected against the elements to slow down and stop the ageing of your vehicles surfaces. Due to salt naturally holding moisture, it will vastly accelerate the ageing of the metal surfaces of your vehicle.

Protection against the winter elements is a must for vehicle owners. With the right products and techniques CleanDetail can offer your vehicle the ultimate all around protection to fit your budget. So, no matter how much snow, salt and acid rain your vehicle gets, you know its protected & always looking the part.

Winter Paint Protection Packages

3 Month* Ceramic Winter Protection

Our 3 month ceramic winter protection package offers protection for ALL surfaces except rubber. This is applied to wheels, windows, plastics and bodywork to give amazing protection & hydrophobic effects to ensure its not only protected and looking clean, but safer to drive over winter. Incorporating full body & wheel protection & safe wash procedure but without breaking the bank.

  • 32 Stage 2 bucket safe wash
  • Bodywork Decontamination (Clay Bar Excluded)
  • Hot Water rinse
  • 3 Month Sio2 Sealant applied to all exterior surfaces
  • FREE windscreen wash re-fill

From £55+ VAT

Standard Winter Protection

Our standard winter paint protection package offers just that. Full winter protection for any vehicle. Incorporating full body & wheel protection & safe wash procedure.

  • 32 Stage 2 bucket safe wash
  • Paintwork decontaminated (excluding clay bar)
  • Hot water wash & Rinse
  • Nano Boost applied
  • 6 Month Polymer sealant applied to body
  • 6 Month Polymer sealant applied to wheels
  • Windows protected with AngelWax H2Go Glass Sealant
  • FREE windscreen wash re-fill

From £99+ VAT

Swissvax Winter Protection

Our Swissvax winter protection uses Swissvax products to enhance & protect your vehicle against the elements. protecting body, wheels and rubber seals to ensure your vehicle is truly protected as you would hope.

  • 32 Stage 2 bucket safe wash
  • Paintwork de-ironized
  • Rinse using filtered water
  • Nano Boost applied
  • Swissvax Cleaner Fluid applied
  • Swissvax Endurance applied
  • Swissvax Seal Feed applied to rubber seals
  • Wheels sealed with Swissvax Autobahn
  • Tyres protected with pneu
  • FREE windscreen wash re-fill

Price From £149

Winter Paint Protection Add-ons

We also offer a range of extra services to ensure you are 100% happy your vehicle is protected over winter against the elements you expect your vehicle to be exposed to.

  • Wheels off detail & seal – £50+ VAT per wheel
  • Wax upgrades – £20+ VAT
  • Interior detail – £45 +VAT
  • Interior fabric and/or leather protection – £50+ VAT
  • Under-sealing – £99+ VAT

All prices are “from” and prices will depend on vehicle size, condition and time needed to complete the detail.

* Our 3 month ceramic is a maximum of 3 months using PH neutral products to maintain your vehicle after the detail. Any application of TFR will reduce the duration of any product.