Vehicle Tuning Yorkshire

CleanDetail offer affordable and reliable vehicle tuning solutions for both Petrol & Diesel vehicles. Working with our partner TDI-Tuning, we offer specialist tuning boxes with dedicated & flexible mapping solutions which can be safely fitted & removed if required.

How does the Tuning Device work?

Using TDI Tunings innovative play & play systems professionally install by us here at cleandetail, this in safely improve your vehicles power, torque and fuel economy*

Our Tuning device is a non-permanent modification that easily plug’s into your engine typically within n hour for a professional install and testing. Each tuning box is programmed specifically for you and comes with the exact engine connectors so it just plugs in.

*Fuel economy on diesel vehicles only

What will Vehicle Tuning in Yorkshire do for me?

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Our Prices

Our prices are the same as TDI Tuning with a £10 Postage fee. We include free fitting with all our tuning solutions by fully trained TDI Tuning LTD members of staff and a 14 day money back guarantee.

Prices from £310+ VAT Fitted

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